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None at all. Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


Financial Stability…

This is what your business deserves.

Is your small business meeting its (financial) obligations as at when due? Have you tied down much capital in your inventory and stock?
Are you under-stocked?
Is your business bleeding with so much money and you don’t even know how to stop it?
How do you manage your liquidity?

Big or small, any business can become financially distressed — even becoming bankrupt.Regardless if the business is young or old; it doesn’t really matter.Managing your Working Capital and the Cash Flow are the most paramount issues in the stability of any business.A well-managed small business can be financially attractive and stable.A multinational of many years, may go under, for lack of cash as at when due.

That is not to say, scaling is not good.

Some Of What You’ll Learn

1. You will understand the meaning of Working Capital management.

2. You will be able to calculate the Working Capital ratios, formula and cycles.

3. You will be able to analyze Working Capital from examples pulled from a balance sheet.
(Simply explained)

4. You will understand the meaning of Cash Flow management.

5. You will be able to analyze and make your own cash flow projection or forecast.

6. You will derive the Cash Flow formula and calculate cash flow ratios and equation.

7. You will handle and understand “money items” that matter,
so that you can play it safe in your business.

8. You will understand the dynamics of inventory and Working Capital management
– set for a financial period.

9. You will have an insight into what I have discovered as influencing factors.
These elude many CEOs and business owners.
Even some accountants may be uninterested or ignorant about this.

10. You will be able to set goals and policies that guide your decision;
managing Working Capital and Cash Flow issues.

11. And more…

Sections and Broad Topics Covered

1. Overview Working Capital & Cash-Flow Management.

2. Net Working-Capital Formula & Ratios.

3. Understanding Current Assets & Liabilities.

4. Cash Inflow & Outflow Channels.

5. Using Past Cash-Flow Examples.

6. How to Forecast Cash-Flow.

7. How to Analyze Cash-Flow.

8. Your Goal In Managing WCM and CFM.

9. The Influencing Factors.

10. Activities include quizzes and exercises to hone your skills.

11. Bonuses include all the audios (MP3) of the course.
For your devices, in your car or when commuting.
And more…

Who this course is for:
Small Business Owners. Medium sized Business Owners. Solo-Entrepreneurs.
Business owners struggling with debt and liquidity problem.
Those aspiring to start a second career as a self-employed.
Business Managers and Home-Based Business Owners


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