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required materials are listed in the description excellent mood and desire to create a piece of art!Course Duration: 1 Hours

Course Instructor: Natalia Crucian

Language: English

Rating: 4


In this course your kid will learn how to create wild mushrooms of different shapes and colors. We’ll paint three types of mushrooms: fly agaric, chanterelles and porcini.

This course was designed specially for young artists ages 5-10. Each lesson is divided into several short videos of 3-7 minutes, so your child can take a break at any time and then continue working.

Although each class is short in time and easy to make a young child may need the assistance of an adult. Please be near your child during classes, at least during the first lessons.

Every kid works at his own pace, so pausing a video can be a good solution if your child needs more time.

Dear parents, please be patient with your child if you help during the lesson. Keep in mind that young artist takes his first steps in art. Praise your child’s paintings, even if the result is not quite what you expect.

You can be proud of your little artist’s masterpiece because he did his best! Place a picture in a conspicuous place at home.

For this course you will need:

pack of white heavy paper A4 (watercolor or acrylic painting paper is perfect)

creamy consistency and good coverage gouache or tempera paints in bottles: white, yellow, red, green, blue and black colors

set of round synthetic fiber brushes of different sizes for kids

*in this course I use MÅLA brushes by IKEA, you can use any other brushes for kids with short and thick handles to make it easier for children to hold and control the brushes when painting


glass of water

desk pad and wet cloth to protect the tabletop from stains and marks

Music by Kevin MacLeod “Wholesome”

Who this course is for:
This course designed for young beginner artists ages 5-10


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