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Just keen interest… Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


Marketing and Selling?

Certainly the two terms aren’t the same.

However as a small business owner, you need both to succeed.

Do you know that marketing must take a precedence before any other management activity?

You wonder why marketing is important.

You wonder what marketing plan is and what an effective marketing strategy could be like?

This course takes you through a practical and real-world study of marketing management.

And it is a short course. Cut to what matters most.

This course covers the foundational thoughts of marketing as applicable to a small business

— whether it is a brick and mortar or online business.

At The End Of This Course;

· You will be able to put together your marketing plan and

Map out your marketing strategies for your small business.

What Makes This Course Different?

This is a mentoring course.
It is based on my over 30 years’ experience as a small business owner in various industries; and sieved from my MBA background (since 1991.)

You get what have worked for me and others – as I have studied — in many parts of the world; in diverse industries.

So you have the essential stuff. No fluff of unnecessary lecture hours.

These lessons are shared here with the student, in a free-flowing manner.

They are skills you can apply once done with the course.

Before you read on…

This Course MIGHT NOT Be For You.

*If you are a student, looking for academic theories on marketing.

What is shared here, is what has been seen to work in the real world of small business.

Some Of What You’ll Learn

1. You will be able to set your marketing agenda for your business plan.

2. You will be able to identify and analyze your customer segment and niche.

3. You will get insights into how to manage changing trends and tastes in the market place.

4. You will be know what to look out for when analyzing an industry you want to operate.

5. You will be able to come up with your own unique selling proposition (USP)
and how to position your products successfully in the mind of your target prospects.

6. You will be able to arrive at the “best price” for your product.

7. In test marketing lecture, you will see the guidelines you must follow
to validate your products and services if they would be profitable or not.

8. Branding is not the logo as such, you will get an insight about how to brand your business.

9. You will see the place of both traditional media outlet and the internet media.

!0. You will get to know how to get skeptical prospects to embrace your services, ultimately.

11. You will see how you can leverage your sales and increase your turnover through some basic ideas.

12. You will get to know the tactics to build your sales team and tap into the hidden asset you never thought of.

13. You will get to do what most small businesses ignore that could make them more competitive;
you will get an insight into this open secret.

14. You will know the best time to do your promos and how to go about it and what you must not do.

14. You will be able to identify what would determine success in your marketing efforts.

And more…

Sections and Broad Topics Covered

1. Marketing Versus Selling.

2. The Marketing Plan.

3. The Products And Services.

4. The Marketing Channels And Outlets

5. Selling And Promotional Events

6. Building Your Competitive Advantage.

7. What Are We Evaluating?

8. Bonuses include all the audios (MP3) of the course.
For your devices, in your car or when commuting.

And more…

Who this course is for:
Small business owners
Home based business owners
Brick and mortar ( offline) business owners and professionals
Second career, solo entrepreneur and self-employed


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