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Curiosity and persistence Basic sales knowledge is an advantage but not a prerequisiteCourse Duration: 1.5 Hours

Course Instructor: Stefan De Vito

Language: English

Rating: 4.7


Most people think sales is all about talking. Wrong. Sales is all about asking the right questions and listening actively.

In this course, you are going to learn how to not make the biggest mistake sales people are making – they talk too much and listen too little. Working with sales teams around the globe, the instructor has built a track record of asking the right questions throughout all regions and sectors. The result is a condensed but powerful course in which you are going to learn

What questions to ask

How to qualify for money and interestWhich tonality to use for maximum successWhat line of questioning to follow to get answers to even the most personal questionsHow to build massive rapport with the prospect while fact-findingHow to understand which personality type the prospect is havingHow to tailor your presentation based on the qualifying you didHow to let the prospect tell you how he wants the product presented in order for him to buyHow not to fall into traps and make mistakes many sales people are makingHow to listen actively

Good questions lead to good answers, bad questions lead to no answers.

This course specializes on how to ask the right questions in sales. In sales, it is key to be a good listener and ask the right questions.

First, in this course, you are going to learn what to mistakes to avoid in the fact finding process, which questions are good and which ones are not and in which order to ask the questions.

Second, you will learn how to be a good listener and build rapport while asking questions.

Third, this course will enable you to gather massive amounts of intelligence on the customer that will help you sell your product or ideas to them in the right way.

Confidence comes through knowledge. Confidence increases learning which leads to more knowledge. This course can be a game changer for your knowledge!

Who this course is for:
Business development managers
key account managers
sales people


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