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You need to know how your way around in xCodeThe course is designed for people with some knowledge in iOS programming with SwiftIf you havent done any iOS development before, I advise you to take some beginner coursesCourse Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


If you are looking to learn how to build real world application, you have come to the right place.

This course is different from other Udemy course. I dont teach you to build 10 useless apps in 2 hours, If you are after quantity and not quality, this course is not for you.

This course is 27+ hours long in debt (every single step is covered) on how to build only 1 app. and that is a copy of Whatsapp Chat. After you finish this course you will have an app that can replace your messaging app and can be uploaded to App Store.


If you dont know your way around in xCode, how to make simple debuging, or this is your first tutorial, I strongly suggest you to take a beginner level course first before you take this course.

The QuickChat was updated to 2.01 version to work without backendless.

New update includes:

Firebase user authenticationFirebase file saving for (audio and video messages) also we save them locally on the device as usualLoading bar for uploading audio/video messagesUser can update his Avatar nowPush notification with OneSignal (which support emoji in notification as well)Call screen has now speaker and mute buttons and avatar image of the user we call.Redesign of the avatar image, we dont upload the image and save url now, we save the image on the User object. This makes the avatar available right away and no need to download. New typing indicator so you can see now when other user is typing message to you.Avatar icon clicking in ChatView will open Profile view of that user.Group message Avatar was added to the groupsetc.

Overall the app became much faster, more responsive and easier to use. Offline functionality has improved as well. Push notifications work much better now.

This is not just update to existing QuickChat, QuickChat 2.0 its standalone course that has all the content of QuickChat and plus the extra functions, and its written in latest Swift 3 language. More than 20 hours of HD video material that will teach you have to build whatsapp clone, fully functional chat application with end to end encryption and call function. 

This is not a beginner level course, you need to have programming experience in xCode and iOS programming in general.

This course will teach you how to building step-by-step a WhatsApp clone using latest Swift, xCode, Firebase and Backendless backend service.

We will be using Firebase as backend for our chat and Backendless for user login management, Push Service and File Storage.

Integrate App to App calling

The cool thing about Firebase is that its a real time backend, what does this mean? We dont have to constantly query for new messages, Firebase will push each new message to us automatically with no additional code required. This is very efficient on code writing and on network usage.

The application will work online and offline, Firebase will keep local datastore and will sync with online datastore ones the device gets internet connection.

We will use Facebook Login as well as user registration on Backendless.

The course will teach you how to integrate 3rd party libraries to your project, how to combine the Objective-C and Swift libraries.

I will teach you how to send and receive Push notifications to keep your users notified when they receive messages.

The application is build in a way that its very easy to modify to integrate to other applications as well, also you can continue building the app to a stage that you can post it to appstore as ready fully functional chat application. 

Who this course is for:
iOS developers who want to learn more about backend providers, how to integrate 3rd party code to your project. Integrate new functionalities to your existing projects and many more cool staff!
This is not beginner level course, if you havent done any programming on iOS, I would highly recommend taking a beginner course before you attend this class


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