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Notebook & Pen Motivation & Desire to be the best in what you do No prior knowledge is requiredCourse Duration: 1 Hours

Course Instructor: Avishay Kadouri

Language: English

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If you have a lot things you do but you unable to manage it all and as a result everything fall apart – you are in the right place. I help people to focus the one thing, the important thing and through this one thing you become GREAT in what to do instead of being unsuccessful average.

You may think that if you manage your time right so you’ll be able to make everything work, so I’ll tell you a secret – IT’S NOT.

You can take another course of “How to manage your time to get 10X more in less time.

But the truth is you’ll get the same in less time, that’s it. You can’t be awesome in everything if you work on it in the same time.

You must quit other things, other projects you have in order to focus the one thing that really important and to be honest – this is the real deal about how you become master in what you do.

You can ask Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and much more successful entrepreneur because all of them have this in common – They focus the important thing and quit the other.

The question I’ll be answer in course is how you manage your quits right because if you mismanaged it you’ll fail – you can ask the third man in Apple company which lost 95 billions dollars! (I’ll talk on him in the course).

This course is the real truth of how to be GREAT in what you do.

In this course you will learn:

How to be GREAT in what you do.How to manage your quits right.Applying the mindset behind the “quitting strategy”.How to get the successful you desire in MUCH LESS time.How to identify the important things.

And much, much more.

Who this course is for:
Students who want to become GREAT & EXCEPTIONAL in what they do
Students who feel they invest to much time in their business operation and management longer than necessary
Entrepreneurs who want to start a business and to take the right decisions while operating it
Professionals who want to increase their productivity while they working on their business
Entrepreneurs who want to get a better handle on how they are investing their valuable time
Entrepreneurs who want to start a business but still have time for everything else


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