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Interest for project management or already experienceDocument templates require basic office softwareOpen mind, this course is provided for new practitioners in SingaporeCourse Duration: 2.5 Hours

Course Instructor: Jouni Ruotanen

Language: English

Rating: 3.8


Latest update: now this course has strategic level!!

In the new section you will learn how to manage your project in Singapore strategic level. It’s not only communication, it’s not about people. It’s about YOU. How you make it happen? What is your goal? Make it strategic.

In this course I will tell you about Singaporean working culture, people and specific project related topics you must know before starting with a new team and environment.

This course is especially oriented to project managers, but also other professionals may find its content useful. First part is general about Singapore, what you can expect, what kind of culture and how you live there. Second part goes through topics like documenting, communication and management. Also practical examples and template files are provided. Third part is about different project phases: what to do and what to accomplish. There will be document templates and other material to have your very first project all you need. Both project principles and phases contain also questions to make sure you understood the correct points and will follow important things.

We usually think that Singapore is very modern, first in everything, super clean and safe place. It’s all true, but how are the people who are you going to work with? Are they easy to get to know, do they expect you extra effort, how you can communicate with them? All this and much more will be trained in this course. It’s based on long co-operation with Singaporeans and will tip you up to next level of management as well.

Who this course is for:
People who are planning to work or do projects in Singapore
People who are just interested about Singaporean culture and working style
Anyone need to spend more time in Singapore for work or studying


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