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Some familiarity with basics in computer science may be useful but is not a mustCourse Duration: 6.5 Hours

Course Instructor: Parisa Jalili Marandi

Language: English

Rating: 4.9


This course teaches a comprehensive list of basic and advanced data structures and algorithms, an essential topic of coding interviews at tech companies.

The course is paired with a C# GitHub open source project (username: PiJei, repository name: AlgorithmsAndDataStructures) where each algorithm is tagged with its space and time complexities (Big O), and tested for correctness with the exact same examples used in this course.

If you are a developer or a graduate student who is preparing for coding interviews at large tech firms as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, or smaller high tech companies, you have landed in the right place. By attending this course you will learn the essential and complex data structures and algorithms, once and for all.

Some algorithms are taught over a medium size example such that the algorithm repeats itself several times until it is no longer complex and rather easily understood.

You are expected to maintain the knowledge gained via this course for a very long period of time. This is because this course makes heavy usage of animations , examples, and repetitions, which are the keys for deeply learning new topics.

The course has 45 lectures (~ 400 minutes) covering the following topics:

Search Algorithms:

Linear SearchHash-Table SearchJump SearchExponential SearchFibonacci SearchBinary SearchTernary SearchInterpolation Search

Sort Algorithms:

Bubble SortInsertion SortSelection SortQuick SortMerge SortRadix SortHeap Sort

Binary Heaps:

Min Binary HeapMax Binary HeapMin-Max Binary Heap

With these operations:


Binary Trees:

Binary Search TreeAVL TreeRedBlack Tree

With these operations:


Nary Trees:

B TreeB+ Tree

With these operations:

a. Insertb. DeleteWho this course is for:
Anyone preparing for coding interviews at GAFAM, or high tech firms
Students of computer science/engineering


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