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Have an open mind and willingness to learnCourse Duration: 1.5 Hours

Course Instructor: Kensho Dharma

Language: English

Rating: New


What if there was a universe of potential hidden inside of your own mind?

You may have heard the term “Out of Body Experience” before – but what is it? Throughout history, these have been commonly referred to as mystical experiences – a sensation of disconnection from the physical body, the entering into of a new body, and the ability to explore a spiritual world.

While scientists often argued over the nature of these experiences, astral travelers themselves have been using this ability to explore other dimensions, travel to other places on Earth in a phantasmal form, obtain greater knowledge, and even embark on journeys with other astral travelers in tandem.

Some of the topics you will learn about:

What is the astral dimensionWhy astral traveling is not demon possession, dangerous, or any other limiting belief.The difference between astral travel, dreams, and lucid dreaming.Lucid dreaming techniquesHow to use a lucid dream to initiate an OBE.The different types of worlds that are possible to discover.The mental preparations needed to begin OBEs.Many techniques for astral projectionHow to detach your astral body from your physical bodyTechnology to astral projectTraveling to distant places in OBE form.

And a Lot More

Who this course is for:
Anyone with an open mind and willingness to learn


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