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For network-related vectors: Basic knowledge on popular network protocols on different layers (IP, ICMP, TCP, UDP etc.) For network-related vectors: good understand of TCP and IP headers For Web-related vectors: Good understanding of HTTP and basic knowledge on other Web protocols Some experience with Wireshark would be usefulCourse Duration: 2 Hours

Course Instructor: Digest Academy

Language: English

Rating: 4.3


From web-based attacks to network attacks, DDoS is becoming bigger and bigger conern for everyone, especially with the help of the explotation of IoT devices. So DDoS is the new reality! Are you ready to enhance your Security knowledge by adding DDoS to your portfolio?

This course teaches your everything you need regarding DDoS attacks from A-to-Z! Regardless of whether you are newbie or a seasoned security expert, you will find value in this course! This course is designed for people from all levels.

The course has different sections for web-based attacks and network-based attacks. If you are interested in one of them only, the pre-requests for the other one doesn’t apply to you. So for example, if you are interested in web-based attacks, you don’t have to worry about the pre-requests of network-related DDoS attacks. Speaking of which, make sure you have checked all the pre-requests of the course!

Finally, you will be entitled to Digest Academy’s discount programme in case you will need tailored consultancy from our experts!

Who this course is for:
Network Engineers
Web administrators
Penetration Testers
IT Security Specialists
Anybody who wants to learn DDoS!


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