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Anyone who wants to learn AC Fundamentals Course Duration: 4 Hours

Course Instructor: Manu Mitra

Language: English

Rating: 2.9


AC (Alternating Current) plays a vital role in energy generation; much of our electricity is generated by turbine-driven alternators, changed in voltage by iron-core transformers, and consumed by induction motors.

Alternating current circuits improve the versatility and usefulness of electric power systems.

In the late 1800s, Nikola Tesla demonstrated phenomena with alternating current (AC) electricity that weren’t possible with direct current (DC) power — transformer action and the principle of the induction motor.

These questions will give you basic idea for Examinations Preparation and/or interview on AC Fundamentals

Please Note: These questions are only for practice and understanding level of knowledge only. It is not necessary that these questions may or may not appear for examinations and/or interview questions.

Who this course is for:
AC Fundamentals Learners
Electronics Engineering
All Audience

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