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Have FL Studio (This course applies to any DAW, but FL Studio users will benefit most.)Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5

Music Production Description

If you’re tired of missing files in FL Studio projects, and want to learn how to prevent missing files and stay organized for the long-term, then this course is for you.

Over my 10+ years of being a music producer, I’ve created a music folder structure that is simple, yet prevents the missing file issues you may experience with poor file and folder structure management.

This course fills you in on best practices on how FL Studio handles files so that when creating and saving files for your project, you’ll know exactly how to set yourself up to avoid these issues.

So, if you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of this error in FL Studio:

In this Music Production Course Some data files required by this project could not be located

Then this is why I’ve created this course.

This course is about creating a Music Production Folder that keeps you organized as a producer.

It’s extremely important that you start with this Music Production Folder early in your career to prevent having to reorganize and scramble up your files and folders.

If you’re ready to spend more time creating your music than organizing it and finding missing files, enroll into this course and let’s get started.

Who this course is for:
FL Studio Producers Who Want to Be Organized


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