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There are no real requirements before starting this course.Course Duration: 2 Hours

Course Instructor: Maxim & Olivier Leirman

Language: English

Rating: 3.5


How are you planning to keep your audience’s attention?

How will you meet new generations’ expectations?

Will you be amongst the winners of this new game?

We now live in an “Engagement Crisis” and the way we engage people is fundamentally changing.

This is a course for human-centric visionaries, game changers, and innovators striving to change the way we think about designing products and services, communication messages, and workplaces.

With this course, you will be able to design engaging experiences people like to be part of based on deep scientific insights into the human nature of motivation and behavior.

Despite motivation is one of the most researched topics in the academic literature, there is still no framework available, like the Business Model Canvas, that helps all kinds of professionals think about our core motivational drivers when designing for people. Yet, understanding people’s motivation and behavior is an INDISPENSABLE SKILL for everyone responsible for attracting, engaging, motivating, retaining, and communicating with people. This because products & services, marketing & sales messages, and jobs are all designed for human beings.

That’s why we have made it our job to develop an all-in-one framework that helps us easily think about our core motivational drivers when designing for people (doing user/customer research, writing user stories, performing UX audit, formulating new product features, value proposition design, creating marketing and sales messages, writing vacancies, developing a company culture, motivating people to…).

Grow your skills and learn the 7 Dynamics that drives us all. Let us transform the world into a more epic and enjoyable place!

Who this course is for:
Human-centric visionaries looking for new ways to engage their audience
Design thinkers (Product Designers, UX Designers, Service Designers, Business Designers…) that want to create products & services customers desire and enjoy (better experience, more engaging = retention)
HR-managers and Recruiters willing to create an attractive Employer Brand and attract new talent
HR-managers, People Managers, Team Leaders, and Change Managers that want to motivate people to stay, contribute, share ideas, give feedback, comply with regulations (e.g. safety), and perform
Marketing & Sales managers that want to attract new customers by triggering our core motivational drivers


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