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[Udemy 100% Free]-The Ultimate Speed Reading & Memory Training Program 3.0


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There Are No PrerequisitesCourse Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


Through this course, you will first and foremost understand your memory, how it works from a neurological, psychological and biological standpoint. You will learn systems, formulas and techniques that can help you optimize and improve your memory and cognitive ability. Afterwards you will understand how you can change memories and experiences by controlling the impact and outcome. Your memory will be an asset and not a liability.

Whether it’s course material that you have in school, or documents that your boss gave you, or a simple book that you want to read but you just can’t find the time to finish it, after finishing this course, all of this can change. By learning and applying the principles in this course, you will be able to effectively implement a speed reading systems, formulas and techniques that you can use in different areas in your life to optimize your learning, memorization and processing ability.

In this course, you will learn about a lot of different topics:

You Will Learn The Science Behind Speed Reading, The Limitations, And The Tools You Need To Ensure Effective Speed Reading.You Will Learn About Cognitive Limitations, Our True Human Brain Capacity, And Some Ways To Improve It.You Will Get A Free Copy Of My Best-Selling Book: The Habits Of Success: Don’t Listen To Me, Listen To Them!You Will Learn The Techniques And Fundamentals That You Need To Improve Your Speed Reading Abilities.You Will Learn About Different Speed Reading Formulas Based On Scientific Research And Personal Application Benefit.You Will Learn 35+ Systems And Formulas To Increase Your Current Reading Speed And Reach Your Goals Easily.You Will Have Access To 20+ Application Exercises To Practice While You Learn.You Will Learn How To Improve Your Learning Ability And Concentration, How To Manage Memory Properly, And How To Control Your – Emotions, Personality And Memory.You Will Learn How To Read Faster,- Comprehend Faster, And Improve Your Focus – You Will Be Able To Focus And Concentrate Longer – And Deeper. You Will Be Able To Read 1- 0x Faster Than Usual And You Will Learn How To Apply These Principles When It Comes To- Learning Strategies And Abilities.You Will Learn How To Become Emotionally Intelligent To Prevent Learning Strategies Disruption – You Will Ensure Emotional Stability For Proper And Stable Learning Processes.You Will Learn How To Implement Learning Systems, Abilities And Techniques That Can Give You A Competitive Edge In Different Areas In Your Daily Life.You Will Learn How To Change Habits Linked To Your Memory, How To Lead A Healthy Life With Healthy Neurological Structures, And How To Boost Your Memory Overall.You Will Learn How To Use Musical Therapy And Memory To Your Advantage And How To Enhance Your Senses And Ensure Motor Sensory Integration.You Will Build Bulletproof Understanding Of Mind Mapping Systems, How They Work, How The Learning Process Behinds Them Work, And How You Can Effectively Use Them.You Will Learn About 12 Principles That Can Help You Manage Your Time Effectively And Ensure Optimum Productivity.You Will Have Access To 100+ Systems To Ensure Proper Productivity Improvement And Effective Management Formula Implementation As Well As 15+ Free Supplemental Resources To Take Your Learning To Another Level, And Ensure Proper Control Over Your Time, Your Mind, And Your Life.You Will Learn The Psychological, Neurological And Biological Basis Of Your MemoryYou Will Learn About The Different Memory Systems That You Have To Use Them To Your AdvantageYou Will Learn About Every Day Memory Tools That You Can Use: Avoid The Tip Of The Tongue Memory Block, Never Forget People’s Names, Never Forget Where You Placed Your Keys, Never Forget Your Passwords…You Will Learn The Fundamentals Of Your Conscious And Unconscious Memory. You Will Also Explore Your Eidetic, Implicit And Explicit MemoryYou Will Learn How To Boost Your Memory And Creativity By Linking Them TogetherYou Will Explore Your Sensory Perceptional Memory, Your Visual Memory, Events Based Memory, Spatial, Temporal And Object Based MemoryYou Will Learn What You Need To Eat To Improve Your Memory And Cognitive Performance, As Well As Some Essential Nutrients And Supplements You Can UseYou Will Explore The Effect Of Learning And Linguistic Programming On Your Memory And Recalling AbilityYou Will Learn 20+ Tools, Formulas And Systems You Can Use To Optimize And Improve Your Memory And Cognitive Performance AbilityYou Will Lean Why We Forget Things, The Effect Of Musical Therapy, The Benefits Of Bliss And Silence, And Your Effective Memory Peg SystemYou Will Learn How To Lead A Healthy Life With Healthy Neurological StructuresYou Will Learn How To Manage Memory ProperlyYou Will Learn How To Control Your Emotions, Personality And MemoryYou Will Learn How To Change Habits Linked To Your Memory

If you want to change your life, you are in the right place, at the right time, and you know exactly what to do!

Who this course is for:
People who want to learn the techniques and principles behind speed reading
People who want to ensure better comprehension while speed reading
People who want to be able to acquire more knowledge in less time
People who want to improve their memory and learning ability to match their speed reading ability
People who are ready to apply the techniques and principles of speed reading
People who want to put in the work to achieve and improve their speed reading ability
People who want to understand how their memory works
People who want to know how to apply the principles behind neuroscience and memory to their advantage
People who want to understand the applicability of memory boosting in their daily lives and how to take control over it
People who want to learn how to control their habits, personality, mental health, health and overall, their life through the use of neuroscience
People who want to be able to take advantage of bad memories by controlling it through learning systems
People who want to have a superior memory and cognitive abilities


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