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Basic programming concepts High school Maths Basic level software installation skillsCourse Duration: 3 Hours

Course Instructor: M Ajmir GOOLAM HOSSEN

Language: English

Rating: 3.9


This course was designed to bring anyone up to speed on Machine Learning & Deep Learning in the shortest time.

This particular field in computer engineering has gained an exponential growth in interest worldwide following major progress in this field.

The course starts with building on foundation concepts relating to Neural Networks. Then the course goes over Tensorflow libraries and Python language to get the students ready to build practical projects.

The course will go through four types of neural networks:

The simple feedforwardConvolutionalRecurrentGenerative Adversarial

You will build a practical Tensorflow project for each of the above Neural Networks. You will be shown exactly how to write the codes for the models, train and evaluate them.

Here is a list of projects the students will implement:

Build a Simple Feedforward Network for MNIST dataset, a dataset of handwritten digitsBuild a Convolutional Network to classify Fashion items, from the Fashion MNIST datasetBuild a Recurrent Network to generate a text similar to Shakespeare textBuild a Generative Adversarial Network to generate images similar to MNIST datasetWho this course is for:
Those seeking entry level roles in AI/Machine Learning
Web Developers who want to implement Machine Learning for their clients
Students in Computer science
Researchers who are looking for kickstart in Deep Learnig
Software project managers who plan to use ML in clients’ projects


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