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[Udemy 100% Free]-Spring 5 Core – An Ultimate Guide

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Core Java Knowledge Basic understanding of Maven (Optional)Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


A comprehensive guide on Spring fundamental. Whether you are a complete beginner on Spring Framework or an experience Spring developer, there are so many take ways from this course.

It covers the following Spring concepts:-

Module 1: Course Overview

IntroductionWhat we needTarget AudiencePrerequisiteCourse Walk throughWhat won’t be coveredModule summary

Module 2: Set up the development Environment

IntroductionInstalling JavaInstalling MavenInstalling – Spring Tool SuiteCreating Maven Project in Spring Tool SuiteInstalling – Intellij IDEACreating Maven Project in Intellij Idea

Module 3: Spring Core Introduction

Spring OverviewSpring HistorySpring ModulesDependency Management: Traditional WaysDependency Management: Dependency InjectionConcepts of POJO and BeanInversion of Control : Spring IOC ContainerBean Factory InterfaceApplicationContext InterfaceConfiguring beans: XML based, Annotation and Java Config configurationModule conclusion

Module 4: XML Based configuration

IntroductionConfiguring POJOs with XML based configurationClassPathXmlApplicationContextSetter based dependency InjectionConstructor based dependency InjectionConstructor vs Setter based InjectionsCircular dependenciesComposing XML-based Configuration MetadataReferencing Other beansInner BeansHandling Java CollectionsMerging CollectionsDepends-onLazy-Initialization

Module 5: Autowiring

Basics of AutowiringAutowiring Types,No Autowiring ,Autowiring byName,Autowiring byTypeAutowiring constructorIssues with Autowiring

Module 6: Java Configuration

Configuring beans with Java ConfigurationComponent scan with @ComponentScan@Configuration and @Bean Annotation@Component, @Configuration, @Service and @Repository annotationsConstructor InjectionAutowiring POJOs@Primary Annotation@Qualifier AnnotationImporting Configuration@Scope Annotation@Lazy Annotation@DependsOn

Module 7: Spring Beans in Depth

IntroductionBean Life Cycle Callbacks@PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotationsBean ScopeBean Post ProcessorPOJO Creation with factory methods – Static factory, instance method and Spring factory beanManaging environments – @Profile annotationSpring Aware InterfacesBeanNameAwareBeanFactoryAwareApplicationContextAwareMessageSourceAwareResourceLoaderAwareEnvironmentAware

Module 8: Spring Aspect Oriented Programming

AOP IntroductionCore AOP ConceptsWhat is Aspect?Join PointWhat is Advice?PointcutAOP ProxyAspectjWeavingAspectj and @EnableAspectJAutoProxy annotationAdvice Annotations: @Before, @After, @AfterReturing, @AfterThrowing, @Around@Before and @After Annotation@AfterReturning Annotation@AfterThrowing Annotation@AroundDemostration

Module 9: Spring Task Executor

Introduction to Java Executor, ExecutorServiceRunnable, Callable and FutureThreadpool – Fixed thread pool , Cached thread pool, Single thread executor, scheduled thread pool executorSpring TaskExecutorSpring SimpleAsyncTaskExecutorSpring SyncTaskExecutorSpring TaskExecutorAdapter

Module 10: Communication between Beans – ApplicationEvent Management

IntroductionApplicationListener InterfaceApplicationEventPublisherExample

Module 11: Conclusion

Source CodeCourse AummaryWhatsNextWho this course is for:
Core Java Developers
Anyone interested to learn Spring Framework fundamentals
Quick refresher for experience Spring developers


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