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[Udemy 100% Free]-REAL World Website Hacking and Penetration (101% Practical)


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Any One of the OS like : KALI LINUX, PARROT SECURITY OS, BACKBOX LINUX etc.NO previous hacking knowledgeBasic Web Applications knowledge will be helpfulBasic Information Technology Skills Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


The Objective of the Course is to Teach you how to perform full penetration testing on web applications.

Why Website Hacking is important?

If you don’t understand how black hat hackers could get into your systems, you’re going to have a hard time securing them. Learning how to hack can help you implement the strongest possible security practices. It’s as much about finding and fixing security vulnerabilities as it is about anticipating them. Learning about the methods hackers use to infiltrate systems will help you resolve issues before they become dangerous.

Think of it this way: a computer network is like a yard with a fence to keep people out. If you’ve put something valuable inside the yard, someone may want to hop the fence and steal it. Ethical hacking is like regularly checking for vulnerabilities in and around the fence, so you can reinforce weak areas before anyone tries to get in.

Who this course is for:
Penetration testers are welcome
Web developers can take the Course
IT admins and staff interested in Hacking
Anyone who wants to learn websites / web applications hacking


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