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[Udemy 100% Free]-Off Camera Flash For Food and Product Photography

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To be able to use a DSLR camera

Course Duration: 2 Hours

Instructor: Tracey Ayre

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Using an Off Camera Flash in Food and Product Photography and Setting up Your Own Budget Home Studio

Hello and welcome to my course,

I am a published photographer and I am also a qualified teacher and although I no longer work as a teacher I can use my skills to help you understand in a step by step way how to use the off camera flash and use it successfully so you can be more creative in your photography whether you are using it for food or product photography. I will show and demonstrate my methods so you can set up your home studio on a budget and take as stunning images as if you were taking them in a real life studio with expensive equipment. I will also teach you about the importance of props and demonstrate how I style my shots and the settings I use. By the end of the course you should have the knowledge of how to set up your own home studio and should be competent at using the off camera flash so you can be more creative with your photography. Although I will be demonstrating how to use the off camera flash in food and product photography I will not be demonstrating how to use it in portrait photography but once you are skilled at using the off camera flash you can use it for almost any type of photography.

The modules I will be covering in my videos will be:

· How to use wireless triggers and controller for the off camera flashes

· Introduction to setting up a budget home studio

· Setting up and using your flashes

· Demonstrating using manual flashes and TTL mode

· Demonstrating Light Cubes and Small Photo Booth to get a white or coloured background.

· Dark Food Photography- The Chiaroscuro Effect. There will be four sessions demonstrating this trending type of food photography

· Food Styling and using props

· Motion Photography- Mid-air shots

· Splash Food Photography

The triggers and controllers I will be using are for DSLR cameras that are suitable for Canon and Nikon cameras, however if you don’t yet own a DSLR, or do not have a Canon or Nikon camera, this course will show you the benefits of owning one and the benefits of using off camera wireless flashes.

I hope you decide to take this course, once you start using off camera flashes, there will be no going back because you will reap the benefits of always getting the exposure right regardless of the ambient light available, and you will become more creative in your photography and will love how your photography develops.

Look forward to meeting you on the Udemy course.

Tracey Ayre

Who this course is for:

Beginner DSLR users, Hobbyists and Professional Photographers ACTIVATE UDEMY COUPON

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