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basic on electrical circuit

Course Duration: 1 Hour


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This course proposes general and specific modeling and simulation for SM110 photovoltaic panel. This panel has monocrystalline cell technology. The panel power parameters are examined under observing different panel temperatures. It is created a special function for this system by Matlab/Simulink programmer. Also, the different solar radiation values are taken into account.

describes a method of modeling and simulation photovoltaic (PV) module that implemented in Simulink/Matlab. It is necessary to define a circuit-based simulation model for a PV cell

Characteristics of PV cells that are affected by irradiation and temperature are modeled by a circuit model. A simplified PV equivalent circuit with a diode equivalent is employed as model. The simulation results are compared with difference types of PV module datasheets. Its results indicated that the created simulation blocks in Simulink/matlab are similar to actual PV modules, compatible to different types of PV module and user-friendly.

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