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[Udemy 100% Free]-Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence with Apache Spark


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Basic understanding of Hadoop ecosystemSome prior programming or scripting experience Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


Apache Spark is one of the most widely used and supported open-source tools for machine learning and big data.

In this course, discover how to work with this powerful platform for machine learning. I will discusses MLlib—the Spark machine learning library—which provides tools for data scientists and analysts who would rather find solutions to business problems than code, test, and maintain their own machine learning libraries. I will show you how to use DataFrames to organize data structure, and also the data preparation and the most commonly used types of machine learning algorithms: clustering, classification, regression, and recommendations.

Course Highlights:

Machine learning workflowsOrganizing data in DataFramesPreprocessing and data preparation steps for machine learningClustering dataClassification algorithmsRegression methods available in Spark MLlibCommon approaches to designing recommendation systems Who this course is for:
People with some software development background who want to learn the hottest technology in big data analysis will want to check this out.
If your Data scientist job involves, or will involve, processing large amounts of data, you need to know about Spark.
If you’re training for a new career in data science, machine learning or big data, Spark is an important part of it.


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