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It’s fascinating to have some minimal primary data of English Course Period:  1 Hours

Course Teacher: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Ranking: 5


The next ideas shall be coated because the a part of this course:

1. What’s Python and Father of Python

2. Easiness of Python in comparison with Different Languages

three. Why the identify ‘Python’

four. Python as All Rounder

5. The place we are able to use Python

6. Options of Python

7. Limitations and Flavors of Python

eight. Python Variations

9. Python Identifiers

10. Python Reserved Phrases

11. Information Sorts :int

12. Information Sorts: Base Conversion Features

13. Information Sorts: float

14. Information Sorts: advanced

15. Information Sorts: bool

16. Information Sorts: str information kind representations by utilizing single,double and triple quotes

17. Information Sorts: str information kind – constructive and unfavorable index

18. Information Sorts: str information kind – Slice Operator

19. Information Sorts: + and * operators for str information kind

20. Kind Casting: introduction and int() perform

21. Kind Casting: float() and sophisticated() features

22. Kind Casting: bool() and str() features

23. Basic Information Sorts vs Immutability : Which means Of Immutability

24. Basic Information Sorts vs Immutability : Want Of Immutability

25. Immutability vs Mutability

26. Python Information Sorts: Checklist

27. Python Information Sorts: Tuple

28. Python Information Sorts: Set

29. Python Information Sorts: FrozenSet

30. Python Information Sorts: Dict

31. Python Information Sorts: vary

32. Python Information Sorts: bytes and bytearray

33. Python Information Sorts Abstract

34. None Information Kind

35. Escape Characters,Feedback and Constants

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