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[Udemy 100% Free]-Learn Core Python, Numpy and Pandas

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Fundamental programming Course Period:  1 Hours

Course Teacher: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Score: 5


The course covers Core Python, Numpy and Pandas. Google Python Pocket book is used for code.

Following are the matters in Core Python.Organising Google NotebookVariables in Python – String, Integer, BooleanPython BlocksIf else statementWhile LoopList operationsRangeFunctionsModulesExceptionsFile HandlingDictionariesTuplesList SlicesList ComprehensionsString functionsAny,All operationsObject Oriented ProgrammingMagic methodsClass and Static methodsFollowing are matters in Numpy and PandasWhat is NumpyNumpy – Add, Subtract, MultiplyNumpy Dot ProductNumpy SlicingMixing Integer Indexing And Slice IndexingNumpy Array IndexingMore Array IndexingBoolean Array IndexingNumpy SumNumpy ReshapeNumpy  Tensors 1D, 2D,3DNumpy TransposingNumpy BroadcastingPandasWhat is PandasPandas SeriesPandas Sequence IndexPandas Benefit Over NumpyPandas Loc and iLocPandas instance – Discovering MaxPandas Sequence AdditionPandas Apply FunctionPandas DataFrames IntroductionPandas DataFrame Index, Loc and ILocPandas Sum Alongside AxisPandas DataFrame AdditionPandas DataFrame ApplyMapPandas Studying A CSV File Who this course is for:
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