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[Udemy 100% Free]-How to Relax when painting watercolor with a HAKE brush No3.


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We use just one brush and just 7 colors,you can watch the free “”tools required”” video in the preview section. Be prepared to leave all you have learned behind and start off with an open mind. Course Duration: 2 Hours

Course Instructor: David Walker

Language: English

Rating: 4.2


Would you like to relax more and create free and easy watercolors?

The absolute beginner or the experienced artist can benefit from learning how to use just the HAKE brush and 7 colors to relax and enjoy the total freedom of simply applying colors and not worrying how the painting will finish up,like we all did as children!

By using just one brush it makes us limit the ambition of our paintings and it makes us “”lighten up””

In this course we paint,step by step this scene (course pic) from near where I used to live.

This painting is not my best ever watercolor nor even close but,I didn’t half enjoy painting it,the feeling of just applying washes of color and watching them dry into all sorts of textures is really what painting should be about.

When you have completed this course you can look through your own snaps and pick out your own pictures to do exactly the same thing with,remember though,don’t be too fussy or worried about how it ends up,by learning to relax in your paintings your own unique style will eventually shine through.

Who this course is for:
The absolute beginner will benefit from starting off with no prior knowledge and very little equipment.
The more experienced artist will benefit from the exercise of putting most of their equipment to one side and relaxing into this style.
The artist who has lost their confidence or their inspiration


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