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[Udemy 100% Free]-How to Get a Job at Google – Former Employees Reveal All


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An open mind, tech career ambition and an internet connection is all you need!Course Duration: 1.5 Hours

Course Instructor: TechCareerX .

Language: English

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We’ve put this course together to debunk a myth! With a full team who’s combined Google experience extends into the decades, we’ve heard the questions hundreds of times before. People on the outside always ask the same two things – 1) “Is Google really ‘like that’ on the inside?” Meaning is it all it’s cracked up to be, and the answer is always yes, it’s true!

The second question, is always more of a statement – “but it’s impossible to get in!”…. Not true!. Google does an incredible job making the world believe that you have to be a genius to work there. They say that to make sure they always have a queue at the door waiting to get in, but most Google employees are just hard workers who are willing to take the time to learn what Google wants, and that’s absolutely something you can do too.

We’ve made this course to explain to you exactly what that is – so that you can stop believing in the myth and start making progress towards the career that you really want.

Get ahead of the competition

Understand Google’s review process in detail

Google’s review process is predictable, but it’s extremely unintuitive if you’re not familiar with the details of how it works. We’ll show you exactly what the review process looks like and how you can optimise your application to fit 100% with what Google wants.

Avoid the hidden obstacles!

The majority of candidates fail because of mistakes that are easy to make but impossible to avoid as an outsider, especially early in the process. You’ll learn exactly what they are and how to get by them while others fail.

Work around qualifications

Most Googlers get their dream jobs without relevant qualifications – really! You’ll learn how that’s possible and how to take advantage of the same loopholes right from the beginning. It’s the most important factor in Google careers, and the least well known.

Fast progress with detailed templates

We’ve done the hard work for you. You’ll get a templated guide and step by step instructions to build your resume and application based exactly on those submitted by successful candidates

Testimonials from just some of our happy students:

What else can I say, this information got me hired

“Great content and explains what everyone understands on the inside but nobody seems to get on the outside, it really is just a matter of following step by step to gain that advantage needed”.

ND, Google EMEA.

Packed with so much practical advice!

“Amazing! Finally something with actionable tips! This cuts through all the noise out there and explains how it all actually works, and how to make real progress. Anyone who thinks they want to work at Google should take this course!”

Tasha, Google North America.Who this course is for:
First time Google applicants
Repeat applicants
US, European or International candidates from all countries
All levels of professional experience from entry level to leadership roles.
Candidates from every department – technical, commercial and all others – our insights are universally applicable.


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