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Affinity Designer for either desktop or ipad ( it is taught in desktop) Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


In the world of digital we know pixels….and we know vector, but what about the physical look you get taking acrylic paints and sweeping around the canvas freely without having to worry about nodes and strokes, and for that matter what about the canvas…..how can we duplicate that look to take our digital art to the next level ?

What if you could blend the organic feeling of natural materials with the convenience and portability of digital….we got you covered. PLUS we have teamed up with a successful gallery artist to teach you HIS methods for creation in the physical world PLUS I will be adapting and showing you using Affinity Designer how to do this in the real world as well.

Use physical materials to create brush sets and canvas’ that look and act like those in the real world

Balance dynamics of pattern and stroke along with color to create stunning and complex art pieces

We packed a fun and information filled session with Bryson Bost creating a piece for an upcoming show into a course and then showed you how to do everything he is doing in Affinity Designer. From creating canvas textures to the stroke brush packs and even showing you how to do a bronze pen …….we got it all. From start to finish with 2 heavyweight artists for you to learn from and reach out to

This course is a hands on approach where you CAN take your physical materials and we show you how to move them into your digital world…..or if you do not physically want to make your material….then we show you and give you access to ours ALREADY made for you

We teach you not only the technical side, but Bryson takes you inside hiw creative process and shows you how to develop DYNAMICS, use his DOT SYSTEM, and be free with color and pattern to lead the eye through a complex piece of art.

In this course we teach you to harmonize your physical art with your digital at and step OUTSIDE of what you know and get uncomfortable working in a new and free way…..totally unlike what we traditionally do with vector

3 hours of instruction21 LessonsAll of the working files at each step to help you long the wayAll of the brushes and texture files we use to work with as you see fitA community support system composed of other students and industry professionalsInstructor support all along the wayWhat will you learn – how is it structuredWe will complete a piece of art from start to finishYou will learn to create canvas textures and other base level materials and apply them to your artCreate vector-based stroke brushes originally made by handModify your strokes to add dynamics through the effects tab and balance the piece using above and below methodologyBryson will show you the dynamics of art and the theory around shape, pattern and line weight Who this course is for:
Artists familiar with Affinity but looking to expand their art process into abstract art or art deco
Artists interested in creating assets for sale that are based on actual physical tools used by artists
Artists interested in achieving realistic textured paintings to mirror acrylic and other medium looks


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