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HTML CSS and JavaScriptGoogle AccountDesire to learn about web applicationCourse Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5



Next level of Google Forms, add Google Apps Script and see how your content comes to life.

Apps Script is a scripting framework for light-weight application development in the G Suite platform. It is based on JavaScript with a collection of methods and helpful classes that can really power up your Google Suite.

Just like JavaScript – If you know JavaScript you know Google Apps Script.

BONUS – Free downloadable course guide with resources and source code.

Step by step learning!

Source Code is included in addition to a helpful lesson guide which outlines step by step how to apply Google Apps Script to your own project. Everything you need is included in this course.

Explore how to setup a form sending data to a Google SpreadsheetExplore how to add Google Apps Script to any Google Spreadsheet. Open the Google Script online editor and begin coding.Customize the code – retrieve the form information.Setup a trigger to run code once the form data is received.See how you can add advanced functionality like sending emails all via Google Apps ScriptExplore how data is received in object form, iterate the object data and send it to an email addressPut it all together in a live working application that picks up form submission data and send you a notification email. Send a response email to the user who submitted the form.

Use the form data and send responses

This is the perfect starter project to get started with Google Script and build upon the project to create your own custom functionality.

Source code is included to try the code for yourself

Create a starter project which you can use extend and do some really amazing things with.

Course is taught by a web developer with over 18 years experience and 4+ years working with Google Apps Script.

Fast and friendly support is provided in the Q&A section.

See what you can do – you have nothing to lose make your own Google Apps Script project today.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn how to apply Google Apps Script
Anyone who wants to setup a Google Form and send an email
Anyone who wants to learn more about Google Script triggers


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