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[Udemy 100% Free]-Google Ads (Adwords): Run Successful Search Ad Campaigns

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Laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet Good Internet Connection Debit card, credit card or any other payment method Website or landing page is not mandatory but would be beneficialCourse Duration: 3 Hours

Course Instructor: Indian Institute of Digital Education – IIDE

Language: English

Rating: 4.5


Thanks to 246 million unique visitors, if there’s one place for your brand to be, it’s on the first page of Google.

And reaching the first page of Google involves a two-pronged approach – Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to organic strategies that help you steadily gain long-lasting visibility on search engines.

Already mastered Search Engine Optimization? The next thing on your to-do list should be Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing, or Pay-per-click advertising, is the paid process of instantly placing your brand in front of your customers on search engines when they are actively looking for products or services. Investing in SEM is an extremely logical strategy since most people instinctively turn to search engines for any information – whether they’re looking for florists near them or the best ways to get rid of hangnails.

Grow your business with Google Search Ads.

Popularly known as Google Adwords, Google Ads is one of the best ways to reach potential customers who are looking for products and services on Google. Google Ads is a paid advertising tool where an advertiser is charged on the basis of impressions or clicks. This makes Google Ads a desired platform for driving qualified traffic to a website and boosting brand visibility. With this online Google Adwords (Ads) course, you will learn how to effortlessly set up targeted Google Ads campaigns.

This online Google Ads course is designed to simplify the process of creating successful Google Search Ad campaigns.

Students are introduced to the mechanisms of Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) and strategies for running optimized campaigns that deliver returns on investment via higher visibility on search engines and low advertising cost among other things.

Learning Google Ads basics:

Explore why and how Google Ads make an effective advertising toolLearn about the different Google Ads Networks you can advertise onSet up your Google Ads account to apply what you learnSetting up a campaign on Google AdsDiscover the types of Google Ads campaigns available for different marketing objectivesLearn about essential metrics to use for measuring google ads performanceExplore different targeting settings available at the campaign levelIntroduction to Google Ads Ad Groups & KeywordsLearn how to structure your ad groups and settings available at ad group levelDiscover keywords and importance of keywords for successful Google Ads campaignsStudy about the different keyword types and how to find relevant keywordsDetermining your Google Ads Bidding StrategiesLearn in-depth about automated and manual bidding strategies available for a Google Ads campaignChoosing and implementing relevant bidding strategies depending on the campaignLeveraging the power of Google Text AdsUnderstand how to use Google Text Ads and extensions to provide additional informationDiscover best practices to follow for successful implementation of Google Text AdsDecoding the Google Ads’ Auction & Ad Ranks processGet a hang of the important factors that influence Google’s ad selection processStudy why your Google Ad’s Quality Score is an extremely important metric and how you can boost your Quality ScoreEvaluating your Google Ads’ performanceDiscover all the indicative benchmarks that you should trackLearn how to analyze Google Ads’ statistics for better decision makingUnderstand why Google Ads involves trial and errorLearn why you should think from your audiences’ point of viewImportance of regularly enhancing your Google Ads strategies

And of course, IIDE’s trademark bonus lectures to ensure your learning continues.

Google is constantly updating its dashboard and adding in more features to enhance your advertising journey and in turn, enabling you to target your potential customers better. Keep an eye out on our bonus section for more lectures and updates on Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing as a whole.

The concepts of Search Engine Marketing can seem daunting at first. But the trainer’s approach of breaking down technical concepts and the use of visual representation further simplifies Google Search Ads.

IIDE’s online Google Ads course is also filled with practice tests and assignments that will give you abundant opportunities to implement your copywriting learning and resources that you can refer to in the future.

By the end of this course, you will have learned some ready-to-implement Search Engine Marketing techniques. Implement these Google Search Ads tactics and see the results for yourself.

You will also get:

Lifetime access to future updates and tipsFast and Friendly Support for any Search Engine Marketing queries in the Q&A sectionA 30 day “no questions asked” money-back guaranteeUdemy Certification of CompletionOther resources to help you ace digital marketing:SEO Training for Beginners: Complete SEO Guide by IIDEThe Ultimate Facebook Ad and Facebook Marketing Guide 2019Ad Design: Ultimate Guide to Influence Consumer BehaviorDigital Copywriting & Content Creation GuideComplete Guide to Manage & Market Your Online Reputation

Be sure to have a notepad ready to take down all the tips and advice shared by our industry-expert Arpit Jain. Your notes will help you tremendously when you start running actively start using your words to sell your brand’s products or services!

About the Trainer:

Arpit Jain, a former Google employee, has been the driving force behind successful Google Ads campaigns for more than 2000 businesses across various industries including real estate, BFSI, healthcare, and education. He has fueled the growth of emerging agencies and their clients by introducing them to online advertising. Arpit is extremely enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of Google products that he acquired during his 5-year stint at Google making him the perfect trainer to learn Google Ads from.

Arpit’s steady-paced approach of delivering knowledge will ensure that you have enough time to grasp the more technical aspects of Search Engine Marketing.

Who this course is for:
Students or working professionals looking to learn any form of digital marketing
Anyone looking to become self-sufficient and/or reduce marketing cost
Anyone looking to improve their website’s search ranking
Business owners/start-ups looking to attract new customers using Google Ads
Beginners looking to get introduced to Google Ads
Marketing Managers wanting to increase return on investment (ROI) from their Ad spends
Digital Media Buyers looking to reach the right audience and run targeted Google Ads
Anyone looking to gain in-depth knowledge about Google Search Ads (Adwords)
Anyone looking to appear for Google Ads (Adwords) Certification exam


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