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Have Excel ready and you’re good to go! Be sure not to forget about your classes and examsCourse Duration: 1 Hours

Course Instructor: Vlad Mihanta

Language: English

Rating: 4.1


The Tool – The Learning Plan

Do you often find yourself in need of more time to finish a particular project or learn for a particular exam?

Do you also find youself forgetting when are your exams due or when do you have your classes?

If you feel that these situations are somewhat familiar, then you will find this learning plan quite useful!

This learning plan is built out to help your personal learning requirements. The learning plan will help you remember when you have your classes and when are your exams due.


Have you noticed that most Excel courses have an agenda where the instructor takes you through every function, formula, action and feature that you can find in Excel?… well not quite everything that you can find in Excel. I didn’t find any comprehensive Excel course anywhere yet and even if I were find one, it must be super expensive because you can do thousands of things in Excel.

What I am proposing to you is a new way of learning Excel. We start with an objective: in this case, building a learning schedule for our calsses, exams and learning. Then, we think it through and build it step by step. You will see that you will learn a lot of things about Excel just by having this approach. And the best things are that you learn Excel by practice and at the end of the course you will also have a ready to use tool!

Don’t have time right now to go through the videos and learn Excel? No problem! If you enroll you will also have access to the already made learning plan.

Be a ready and enthusiastic student!


Who this course is for:
Students everywhere should take this course and, of course, everyone that wants to learn the basics and also some advance stuff in Excel


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