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[Udemy 100% Free]-Design 1000: A Design & Documentation Primer


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Designed for complete beginners, there are no prerequesites for this course. Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


While national languages, customs, and culture may divide us, when it comes time to creating understandable solutions, from money & banking to the workings of common inheritance, humanity shares far more best practices and design patterns than most people appreciate.

In a like manner, while documentation conventions, notations, and standards also have their particularities, from cave-paintings to modern UML and Storyboards, what the designing-world needs now is allot less intimidation… and allot more collaboration!

This training opportunity has therefore been designed to encourage new students to focus upon the common, as well as intuitive, best documentation practices rather than design-camp peculiarities. While core and key documentation strategies will be covered in follow-on sessions, the focus of Design 1000 is to get you started confidently & competently creating the type of documentation that your communities will need to start documenting your ideas as quickly as possible.

So from tenured advice on how to avoid undo criticism, to industrial-savvy advice on how to manage your own documentation creation & design life-cycles, Design 1000 is written to maximize your learning experience, while minimizing the design-speak.

Who this course is for:
Non-technical students interested in modern design concepts.
Software developers who need to learn how to collaborate with others.
Student looking to better understand how to manage the design & documentation process.


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