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[Udemy 100% Free]-Deep Learning: Visual Exploration


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Fundamental python expertise – elective, you’ll need python if you wish to run the code we talk about yourselfFamiliarity with neural networks at excessive degree (phrases like bias, weight and activation perform ought to be acquainted)Jupyter pocket book (elective and is required if you wish to run all of the demos your self) Course Length:  four Hours

Course Teacher: Vladimir Grankin

Language: English

Score: four.1


Visual introduction to Deep Studying based mostly on easy deep neural community. Take this course if you wish to perceive the magic behind deep neural networks and to get a wonderful visible instinct on what is occurring underneath the hood when information is travelling by way of the community and finally ends up as a prediction at it’s output.

On this course we’ll absolutely demystify such ideas as weights, biases and activation features. You’ll visually see what precisely they’re doing and how neural community makes use of these elements to provide you with correct predictions.

Who this course is for:
Individuals who like to grasp issues visually
Individuals who like easy explanations towards mathematical and formal
If you’re simply beginning with Deep Studying or AI normally, this course
if for you!
For those who suppose what is occurring underneath the hood of deep neural community is a
thriller, this course is for you! – we completely demystify DNNs on this
For those who surprise how precisely weights, biases and activation features are
working, this course is for you!
Skilled deep studying customers who wish to enhance their understanding on
how precisely Deep Neural community is ready to provide you with complicated perform


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