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[Udemy 100% Free]-Basic Concepts Of Electric Circuits


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Just PC for viewing the lectures and internet connectionCourse Duration: 1.5 Hours

Course Instructor: Ahmed Mahdy

Language: English

Rating: 4.3


Welcome To my own course “Complete Electric Circuits Course for Electrical Engineering” ,

This an introductory part for the big course of electric circuits, if you like this introduction, you can check out the complete course on my profile.

This course is designed for absolute beginners who has zero knowledge about electric circuits , i start from zero until you understand all the fundamentals with hundreds of examples !!

This also for Students who wants to refresh their knowledge !

So what are we going to learn from the full course ?

know all the Fundamentals of electric DC circuitsknow the meaning of SI units or international UnitsKnow the Definition of the electric chargeKnow the Definition of the electric currentKnow the Definition of the electric voltageKnow the Definition of the electric powerKnow the Definition of the electric energyKnow the difference between dependent and independent SourcesApplications of DC CircuitsKnow the principle of TV Picture Tube or CRTKnow about the electricity Bills CalculationsKnow the Basic laws of ElectricityUnderstand Ohm’s lawDifference between an Open Circuit and Short CircuitDifference between Fixed and Variable ResistanceDefinition of ConductanceKnow Difference between Series and Parallel connectionKnow the Definition of the Nodes, Branches and loops in Electric circuitKnow the Definition of the Kirchhoff’s lawsKnow the Definition of Kirchhoff Current LawKnow the Definition of Kirchhoff Voltage LawKnow Series resistor and voltage divisionKnow parallel resistor and current divisionKnow Wye-Delta Transformations and Vice-versaUnderstand Applications as Lightning SystemsUnderstand Nodal analysis No Voltage sourceUnderstand Nodal analysis with voltage SourcesUnderstand the SupernodeUnderstand Mesh analysis No Current SourceUnderstand Mesh analysis with Current SourcesUnderstand the Supermesh.Compare between Nodal and Mesh analysisUnderstand Applications as DC Transistor CircuitsUnderstand the Meaning of the Linearity PropertyUse the Superposition TheoremUnderstand Thevenin’s TheoremUnderstand Norton’s TheoremMaximum Power TransferUnderstand the Source TransformationUnderstand Application as Resistance MeasurementUnderstand the Various types of operational AmplifiersUnderstand Ideal Op Amp,Inverting Amplifier , Non Inverting AmplifierUnderstand Summing Op Amp CircuitUnderstand Difference Op Amp CircuitUnderstand Cascaded Op Amp CircuitKnow the applications of Op Amp like Digital-to-Analog ConverterKnow the applications of Op Amp like Instrumentation AmplifiersKnow what is a capacitorUnderstand how to Simplify Series CapacitorsUnderstand how to Simplify Parallel CapacitorsKnow what is an InductorUnderstand Practical Capacitors and Practical InductorsUnderstand how to Simplify Series InductorsUnderstand how to Simplify Parallel InductorsKnow how to get energy stored in CapacitorKnow how to get energy stored in Inductorknow the applications of Capacitors and Inductor as Integratorknow the applications of Capacitors and Inductor as Differentiator.Some of My students ReviewsSally DavyRating: 5.0 out of 5

“”This instructor made the course really easy , i was having a lot of concern about joining the course ,but now it deserves every dollar i paid .””

John Bill

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

“Very Clear and Straight forward course , the instructor explained very well and smoothly”


Rating: 5.0 out of 5

“Even though he has an ascent, but I am able to comprehend. I am now doing basic circuit electrical and he has all the topic that is good enough to understand the foundation especially on calculations.”

Muhammad Shoaib Khan

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

“Nice course on simple electric circuit for beginners.”

Wish you happy learning and see you in my course 🙂

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Who this course is for:
Electrical engineering students
Electrical power engineering students
Those want to start their career as electrical power engineers


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