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Basic knowledge about AWS Cloud Services primarily EC2 instances.You must have an AWS account to follow with me for hands-on activities. Course Duration:  1 Hours

Course Instructor: Brian McCarthy

Language: English

Rating: 5


Welcome to this Amazing course on AWS Developer Tools – CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy & CodePipeline. We will learn by practically implementing all these

AWS Developer Tools

1. Implement AWS CodeCommit Service practically and understand in detail about its features
2. Implement AWS CodeBuild Service practically, run builds, understand about artifacts and its storage, implement build notifications.
3. Implement AWS CodeDeploy Service practically by deploying a spring boot rest services application to EC2 Instance. Understand and implement notifications.
4. Implement AWS CodePipeline Service practically by using other 3 AWS Services (CodeCommit, CodeBuild & CodeDeploy)
5. Understand the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment process in AWS by using these 4 AWS tools.


01 Step 01: Introduction01 Step 02: Course slides and files for Download

AWS CodeCommit Service

02 Step 01: Introduction to AWS CodeCommit Service02 Step 02: Create a simple Rest Application using Spring Boot02 Step 03: Create Local & Remote Repositories and Check-in Code02 Step 04: AWS CodeCommit Features02 Step 05: AWS CodeCommit Conclusion

AWS CodeBuild Service

03 Step 01: AWS CodeBuild Introduction03 Step 02: Create AWS CodeBuild Project03 Step 03: Create buildspec.yml and start build03 Step 04: Create AWS CodeBuild Notifications03 Step 05: AWS CodeBuild Conclusion

AWS CodeDeploy Service

04 Step 01: AWS CodeDeploy Introduction04 Step 02: Create pre-requisite roles required for CodeDeploy04 Step 03: Create a EC2 VM and associate IAM Instance profile role04 Step 04: Create Application, Deployment Group and Deployment04 Step 05: Create appspec.yml and scripts required for CodeDeploy Life Cycle Events04 Step 06: Create new build and deployment04 Step 07: Verify the Deployment04 Step 08: New Application Release Deployment04 Step 09: AWS CodeDeploy Conclusion

AWS CodePipeline Service

05 Step 01: AWS CodePipeline Introduction05 Step 02: Create Pipeline05 Step 03: Verify the Deployment05 Step 04: Make a change to Spring Boot Application and check-in  code and verify Pipeline.05 Step 05: AWS CodePipeline Conclusion

AWS CodePipeline Service  – Deploy to Production with Manual Approval

06 Step 01: Introduction about Deploy to Prod with Manual Approval06 Step 02: Create Production EC2 Instance & Production Deployment Group in CodeDeploy06 Step 03: Add Manual Approval Stage and Production Deployment Stage06 Step 04: Trigger CodePipeline by making a change to Spring Boot Rest Application06 Step 05: Conclusion about Deploy to Production with Manual Approval Who this course is for:
Developers planning to learn about AWS Developer Tools for Code Check-in, Build and Deployments.
System Engineers or Infrastructure engineers who want to better understand the Automated deployment process in AWS.
Technologists who want to implement Continuous Integration and Continuos Delivery/Deployment process (CI/CD) in AWS.
Technologists who have basic AWS knowledge


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