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The good thing about this course is that it is taught under the assumption that you know no French and nothing about languagesEverything is explained clearly and thoroughly without the use of confusing terminology

Course Duration: 1 Hour

Instructor: Kieran Ball

English Ratings: 4.5


Now, obviously you can’t learn French in just three minutes, but you can learn it in three-minute chunks.

When you learn something new, what tends to happen is that you start out with lots of enthusiasm and motivation. When you’re full of motivation, you can easily sit learning for hours and hours on the first day or two. However, normally, this motivation dwindles very quickly and then most people give up.

With 3 Minute French, the method makes you stop learning after just a few minutes. By forcing yourself to stop whilst you’re still enthusiastic, you will keep your motivation levels high and you will want to continue for longer.

Short bursts of studying every day are much more beneficial for language learning than long, drawn out lessons once or twice a week. You’ll find that you will maintain your enthusiasm for learning meaning your daily 3-minute lessons will easily become a habit, and you’ll remember everything much better.

In each 3 Minute French lesson, you’ll learn a few words that you can put together to build sentences. As you progress through the lessons, you’ll learn more and more words and be able to make longer and more complex sentences, and when we get to trickier grammatical structures, they are tackled in a simple step-by-step way.

I developed the 3 Minute Languages method over fifteen years, testing it and tweaking it with my own students to make sure it was as good as it could be. As well as the short lessons, another unique part of this method is the order you’ll learn things in.

Traditional language courses start out by giving you a long list of pronunciation rules, starting with the letter ‘a’ and going through the whole alphabet. I know when I started to learn languages, this put me off immediately, because I was being bombarded with strange information before I had learnt a single word of French. In the 3 Minute French courses, we get used to the pronunciation rules gradually with each word we learn.

Additionally, the words and phrases you learn at the start of traditional language courses are not always very useful. I remember learning how to say things like:

– I have a sister who is twelve years old

– I have two dogs and a cat

– My favourite sport is tennis

These sentences weren’t very useful when I first went to France, so I didn’t really get the opportunity to speak. What I did for the 3 Minute Languages courses is change what you learn first. I chose the most useful words and I give them to you in the very first lesson, so that you’ll be able to say things that you’ll actually use the first time you travel abroad.

So, that’s how the 3 Minute French courses work. You can start out knowing nothing, and you’ll be speaking French from the very first lesson.

Have a go with the free course, and if you enjoy that, you can move on to the full course to continue to learn more of the language.

Happy learning 🙂


Who this course is for:

You really want to learn to speak French in a very simple and very quick wayYou are going to spend a holiday/vacation in France or another French speaking countryYou have failed to learn French in the past, but really want to give it one more goYou have no experience with French, but you would like to learn fastYou have always wanted to learn a new language, but you are very busy and can never find the time ACTIVATE UDEMY COUPON


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