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Master Algebra Problem-solving Techniques

This beginner level algebra course is intended for students who want to review the process of solving equations using examples and practice questions. In addition, those who have already mastered the theoretical concepts of introductory algebra will find it extremely helpful! I have done my best to methodically explain solutions without rushing to ensure you are able to easily remember the steps to solving equations. When necessary, I have included short-cuts to help you solve problems faster.

Topics covered – Linear and quadratic equations, cross multiplication, and systems of equations

This course includes brief lecture notes, examples with detailed solutions, step-by-step guide to solve equations, practice problems, and quizzes in each section. I have enjoyed working on this course and know that it will help you tremendously! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Who this course is for:

Students who wish to review introductory algebra
Students who learn through examples
Students who want to master question solving techniques
Returning college students who are required to take placement exams
Recent high school graduates starting college
Middle school and high school students
Students who need to brush-up on beginner algebra to prepare for social sciences
Students who need to fulfill basic algebra as a prerequisite



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