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Learn Core Python, Numpy and Pandas – Udemy Course 100% Off


Learn Core Python, Numpy and Pandas

Learn all of the significance ideas about Core Python, Numpy and Pandas


The course covers Core Python, Numpy and Pandas.  Numpy and Pandas are stumbling block for many individuals who enterprise in machine studying. This course  will assist college students to know machine studying code as Numpy, Pandas are the constructing blocks for machine studying. Please notice that is not a machine studying course.

Google Python Pocket book is used for code.

Following are the subjects in Core Python.

Establishing Google Pocket book Variables in Python – String, Integer, Boolean Python Blocks If else assertion Whereas Loop Listing operations Vary Features Modules Exceptions File Dealing with Dictionaries Tuples Listing Slices Listing Comprehensions String features Any,All operations Object Oriented Programming Magic strategies Class and Static strategies

Following are subjects in Numpy and Pandas

What’s Numpy Numpy – Add, Subtract, Multiply Numpy Dot Product Numpy Slicing Mixing Integer Indexing And Slice Indexing Numpy Array Indexing Extra Array Indexing Boolean Array Indexing Numpy Sum Numpy Reshape Numpy  Tensors 1D, 2D,3D Numpy Transposing Numpy Broadcasting


What’s Pandas Pandas Sequence Pandas Sequence Index Pandas Benefit Over Numpy Pandas Loc and iLoc Pandas instance – Discovering Max Pandas Sequence Addition Pandas Apply Operate Pandas DataFrames Introduction Pandas DataFrame Index, Loc and ILoc Pandas Sum Alongside Axis Pandas DataFrame Addition Pandas DataFrame ApplyMap Pandas Studying A CSV File Who this course is for: Builders considering studying Python Builders considering studying Numpy Builders considering studying Pandas

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